Schnauzer Dog Full Body Drop Earrings hanging on a branch
Schnauzer Dog Full Body Drop Earrings close up held in hand
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Dog Drop Earrings - Schnauzer Full Body

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Schnauzer Full Body Earrings.

These earrings are handmade in my studio and feature sterling silver shepherd hooks which are super strong and are made using 1mm thick wire so you'll hopefully never lose an earring again!

Recycled Aluminium has been hand forged using a texturing hammer to create this unique square texture.

Each earring measures approximately 55mm tall and 40mm wide. 

These earrings come in a natural finish, no added polish or wax has been added to the surface, so the metal will age over time adding to the character and charm.

If you prefer your earrings to maintain a bright shiny appearance you will need to keep cleaning them regularly using Silvo (see cleaning tips for more information).

All Meekz jewellery come with complimentary gift wrapping.