Caring for your Meekz pieces

I'm so glad you've chosen to purchase a piece from the Meekz collection. 

All my pieces are made using recycled, reused or found metals that were destined for the rubbish tip.

I aim to source all of my materials locally and make trips out to my suppliers within Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba regularly to collect what materials I can find.

My materials include Aluminium from fencing and roofing companies, Road Signs from my local Council and kerbside, a variety of metal from Reverse Garbage and Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass from scrap metal factories.  My Gold and Sterling Silver is sourced from various Opp Shops and in large quantities from metal suppliers who purchase products that are not only recycled and manufactured with the environment in mind, but are also manufactured in Australia.

All of my jewellery and accessories are made to the highest standard and tested rigorously for quality.  They are very durable but care should be taken due to their handmade nature.  

All Meekz Contemporary Jewellery Collections come with a 12 month guarantee, to cover against faults in the manufacture of the product. This does not cover the general everyday wear and tear of my pieces.  Some of my pieces are designed to show off the scratch marks and dints in the materials - this is a feature of the product and in no way a fault.

Meekz Care Instructions

For Copper, Brass, Aluminium

Copper, brass and aluminium are base metals and will naturally begin to tarnish within a few days or weeks.  To remove tarnish or dirt use the sandpaper provided with your order or use a metal polishing solution such as Brasso or Silvo (follow the instructions on the bottle).

For Sterling Silver and Gold

Sterling silver and gold are precious metals, and will naturally begin to tarnish over time, for some people much quicker than others due to the oils in their skin.  To remove tarnish or dirt, use the polishing cloth provided with your order or for a more thorough clean, use a silver/gold cleaning solution.  Please avoid wearing while swimming, spraying perfumes and take care while wearing in the heat as sunscreen and perspiration can cause the tarnishing process to quicken.

For Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are normally made from aluminium, which is then covered with retroreflective sheeting or vinyl.  It is an industrial-grade quality and can be easily wiped clean with warm water and dried with a cloth.

For Paint Swatches

Paint swatches are the little colour paper strips you find in the paint aisle at your local Bunnings, that demonstrate the colour of the paint.  I, however, use metal paint swatches, so instead of paper strips I get aluminium ones.  Used by Architects and Interior designers, these metal paint swatches are stronger and more resilient.  The metal paint swatches can be easily wiped clean with warm water and dried with a cloth.