Jewellery Terminology

Sterling Silver

We use recycled 925 sterling silver in our pieces.  The silver is combined with copper to ensure strength and flexibility.  The sterling silver is finished to a low or high polish and some pieces are given a patina using an oxide (black finish) to bring focus to the texture.  Sterling Silver will tarnish/corrode black over time due to pollutants in the atmosphere, chemicals on /in the skin and copper alloys within the metal.  Solder joints within your sterling silver may tarnish black due to these reasons and is why most items are silver plated. We recommend hand polishing to remove the tarnish and preserve the unique finish on each piece.  We offer a professional cleaning service for basic and extreme tarnish or corrosion. 


We use recycled copper in our pieces.  The copper is combined with a 5% alloy such as brass and bronze to increase its hardness.   Some of our copper is finished in a natural state where the metal is finished and left to react with the atmosphere/oxygen to form a layer of brown – black copper oxide which protects the copper from extensive corrosion.  Some pieces are treated with a patina (green, blue, red, orange etc.) to further protect the copper and for visual appearances.    Copper in its natural state will turn your skin green  to black as it comes into contact with the chemicals in and on your body.    You can add clear nail polish to the surface of the metal after polishing, to create a barrier between the metal and your skin, eliminating this problem.


We use recycled brass in our pieces.  The brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is very durable.  All our brass is finished in a natural state to retain its bright gold - like appearance.  The brass will tarnish and become dull in colour over time.  Some pieces are treated with a patina (in various colours) to further protect the metal from tarnishing and for visual appearances.


We use recycled aluminium in our pieces.  The aluminium is alloyed with copper, zinc, magnesium and silicon in various amounts depending on its intended use.  It is relatively soft, durable, lightweight and pliable and appears silvery to dull grey in colour.  The aluminium is finished in a natural state and some pieces are chemically anodised to protect the metal from coming in contact with your skin and for visual appearances.  Aluminium does not tarnish or corrode due to the surface of the metal reacting with the atmosphere / oxygen and a layer of aluminium oxide being formed.  Anodised pieces may scratch so care should be taken to ensure longevity of the colour.

Please Note:

The patinas used on our pieces are not a permanent surface treatment; they will wear away over time so care should be taken to prolong its appearance.   Should you wish to have the patina re-applied contact Jemica directly to organise an appointment.