Bush Stone-Curlew Studs sitting in a branch Front Detail View
Bush Stone-Curlew Studs Modelled by Jemica Close Up
Bush Stone-Curlew Studs sitting in a branch side view
Bush Stone-Curlew Studs Modelled by Jemica Front on View both ears
Bush Stone-Curlew Studs Modelled by Jemica Side View
 Meekz Packaging Box that your brooch will come in

Bush Stone-Curlew Stud Earrings

Meekz Contemporary Jewellery
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These gorgeously weird, big eyed, and long-legged birds will have everyone grinning in no time and are a playful addition to any outfit.

A larger style earring, these curlews are super light weight, have wiggly legs, and the grumpiest eyes going.

Made from recycled aluminium and hypo-allergenic stainless steel, these stud earrings are the 2nd design in this new collection.

Standing approximately 75mm tall and 40mm wide, they pack a punch.

These earrings were inspired by a family of Bush Stone - curlews that live in my front yard.


Jewellery Care:

Here are some ways to keep your Curlew Studs in great condition!

- Hold your earrings by the edges or the stud posts, especially when putting them on and off. 

- Try to not touch the front of the studs if you can.  The flat unstamped surfaces can become marked and scratched over time.

- Avoid getting them wet.  It's best to avoid wearing your earrings in heavy rain or the shower, as the aluminium and stainless steel posts can discolour, and the sharpie pen can rub out.

- Keeping them clean... avoid using alcohol based products on your earrings.  Use a microfiber cloth to polish them or if marked, use 180 grit sandpaper and gently sand the front of the stud to remove any finger prints or unwanted marks.  Follow this up with a finer sand paper grit if you don't want sanding marks. Please note: once sanded, the stud front will be raw; so avoid touching the surface until air (oxygen) has started tarnishing it again.

- Store them safely.  All Meekz Contemporary Jewellery come in their own gift box which will keep your earrings clean and protected.